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Harp strings

Harp strings are made of nylon or the more expensive gut. Lighter gauge strings have a lighter tone and are easy on the fingers; heavier gauges produce a richer tone but are more demanding on the fingers and on the frame of the harp.



The strings are tuned to the correct pitch by turning the tuning pins which are a taper fit into the neck so that you can make them a tighter fit by squeezing them in as you turn to tighten or slacken the string.

Tuning pins are essential for tuning the harp because they hold the string tight but not so tight that you cannot alter the tension on the string and so raise or lower its pitch.

Every tuning pin has a square end which fits into the tuning key.this enables you to tighten and slacken the string so that you can tune it to the right note.

Tightening the string makles the note higher and slackening makes the note lower.

Each string fits through a hole in the tuning pin to help it to grip onto the pin so that it winds around it as the string is tightened.

Thje string presses against the bridge pin which is below the below the tuning pin and provides a static, solid point which holds the top end of the vibrating part of the string firm when it vibrates.

Each bridge pin has a groove around it, near hte end, so it holds hte string in position.

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