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Cerddoriaeth Draddodiadol

In Welsh

The harp is the ideal instrument for getting to know about music.

When a harp is in tune, it is almost impossible for it to produce a bad sound.

Children as young as three years of age can learn to play tunes on our harps.

Buy or rent a folk harp
Our harps are made from rosewood
with pine layered sound boards.
Strings are taught, long lasting nylon.
Pins are made of stainless steel.





1st yr

 8 string
Tonic or

8 string harp




12 string
F to C''

12 string knee harp




17 string
'A to C''

17 string knee harp




19 string
'F to C''

17 string knee harp




19 string
round back

'F to C''

19 string round-back harp




Tunes to play on the harp

Playing the folk harp

Click here to see
which tunes you can download.


Lessons and guidance
We provide support and tuition
for our harps using this website,
with diagrams, simple scores
and midi files.  
Please enquire about our
face-to-face sessions.

Hands on harp

Click here to see some of
our tutorial guidance

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