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Yn Gymraeg -  cael y dudalen yn Gymraeg

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Rîl Llanofer

(Llanover Reel / Jones' Hornpipe)

Lady Llanover, Augusta Hall, is widely known in Wales for her dedication to the Welsh language and culture. She, like Lady Charlotte Guest had moved into Wales as the wife of a powerful and wealthy man and had a huge respect for the language and culture. She was the patron of many Welsh poets and musicians, organised festivals,catalogued traditional costumes and insisted that her employees spoke Welsh.

This is one of the tunes that was played at the frequent traditional dances that were held at her home, Llanover Hall which is near Abergavenny.

It has the typical Welsh tune structure - AABB.
Part A is played twice: note the two dots at the end of the stave showing this; then part B is played twice.

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Player's guide

This is not a beginner's tune but is pretty finger-friendly.