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Yn Gymraeg -  cael y dudalen yn Gymraeg

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Jac y Do (Jackdaw)

This is a simple children's song which is quite easy to play. 

Mi welais Jac y Do
Yn eistedd ar y to
Het wen ar ei ben a dwy goes bren
Ho-ho, ho-ho, ho-ho

Phonetically in Enlgish: Mee where-lice jac ur door
un eye-stedd are ur toe
het when are eye ben ah dooee gose bren etc.

I saw the Jackdaw
sitting on the roof
A white hat on his head and two wooden legs
ho-ho, ho-ho.

Try singing the song to help you learn the rhythm of the tune.

There are no repeat instructions for the tune. Just start at the beginning and continue through to the end.

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