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Yn Gymraeg -  cael y dudalen yn Gymraeg

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Ding Dong (Clychau'n Canu)

This is a series of church bell chimes which produce a splendid sound on the harp. 

There are no repeat instructions for the tune. Just start at the beginning and continue through to the end.

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Player's guide

This is a tune that you can play as fast or as slow as you like, repeat over and over and conpose your own variations.
It's a good tune to help you practice playing down the scale wwith four fingers and a single cross-over, and also to expand the spread of your hand to cover one note short of an octave with the second part of the tune. Note how the score shows the first beat of the bar where the accent comes on the
second note of the chimes.

Right hand
Bars 1 to 4 - Two C''-to-C' eight note down scales as two fours played by (1) to (4) followed by a (1) over (4) crossover into the second four notes.

Bars 5 and 6 - Each finger plays the next-but-one string to the previous one, from (1) to (4) so you spread out your hand, first C''-A''-F'-D', then B''-G'-E'-C', then going back to A'' with the thumb which leads in the final phrase.

Bars 7 and 8 - Note that (2) on F' is followed by (4) - not (3) on D' so that (3) is free to play G' in the return via B'' with (2) to the concluding C'' with the thumb.