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Yn Gymraeg -  cael y dudalen yn Gymraeg

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Ar hyd y nos (All through the night)

is well known and loved Welsh melody.

Holl amrantau'r sêr ddywedant, Ar hyd y nos etc.

It has the typical old Welsh tune structure - AABA.
Part A is played twice: note the two dots at the end of the stave showing this; then part B is played once, then D.C. (dal capo - from the top) means that part A is played again until reaching Fine - the end.

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Player's guide

Bar 1 - Start with the thumb of the right hand on C' , index finger (2) on the B' and middle finger (3) on A'. Play C', B', A' then play the C' with (2) so that the thumb (1) is then ready to play the next note, D', in bar 2.

Bar 2 - Thumb (1) plays the D' and (2) follows on the C', then the thumb crosses over (2) to play the next note down, B', then (3) plays the G' so that (2) is available for the A' which follows in the next bar.

Bar 3 - (2) plays A', then the thumb plays B' and (2) follows the thumb on the same note, B' so that the thumb is ready to play the final note, C' in bar 4 of part A.

Bar 5 - Thumb (1) moves up three strings to play F', (2) plays E', (1) plays F' again then (2) crosses under the thumb to play G' so that the thumb is avaiable to play the next string up, A' in the next bar.

Bar 6 - Thumb (1) plays the A'' and 2,3,4 follow on the next three notes down, G',F', E'.

Bar 7 - Thumb (1) moves down to F', the note above the one just played by 4 and 2, 3,4 follow on E',D'.C'.

Bar 8 - Thumb (1) moves down one string to the E' and 2,3,4 run down from there on D',C',B'. this is followed by Bar 1, so the thumb moves up one string ready to play the C'.