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Yn Gymraeg -  cael y dudalen yn Gymraeg

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Cysga Di Fy Mhlentyn Tlws (Sleep my pretty child)

This is a simple lullaby which a mother will sing to her child. 

Sleep my pretty child, you shall sleep until the morning.

Cysga di fy mhlentyn tlws, (x3)
Cei gysgu tan y bore. (x2)

Cus-ga dee vur mh-lent-in tloose
Kie gus-gee tan ur bore-eh.

There are no repeat instructions for the tune. Just start at the beginning and continue through to the end.

Sing the words to help you with the tune.

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Player's guide

This is a fairly slow tune but includes several interesting challenges for fingering because it has quite a wide range of notes. It includes successive plucking of a single note witih different fingers, crossovers and stretches over five notes.

Right hand
Bars 1 to 4 - Start with the middle finger (3) of the right hand on A' and play B' and C' with index (2) and thumb (1). Play C' again, but this time with the index finger (2), and then a third time, this time with the thumb (1), followed by B' with (3) then again with (2).

Bars 5 to 8 - The thumb (1) moves next to the index finger (2) to play the C'; (2) follows on the next string down B', and (3) follows on the A'; then (2) repeats the A' and the thumb (1) crosses over to the G to be followed by (2) on the next string, F which is then plucked again by (3).

Bars 9 to 12 - The thumb (1) reaches up to C', then (2) crosses under it to play D' and the thumb (1) crosses over (2) to play E' which is then repeated by (2) and again by (1) followed by (2) reaching down to B' which is repeated by (3). The thumb (1) reaches up to E' to lead into the last phrase.

Bars 13 to 16 - (2) plays C' then (3) plays A'. (1) moves down to play B', (2) plays G and (1) comes down to the A' which is repeated by (2) and again by (1) to lead in to the last phrase

Bars 17 to 20 - follows the same patterns as the previous phrases.